Having a bit of fun on a Fish Fry Friday!

About every 4 weeks we are part of a Fish Fry Team at our local Elks Lodge. It is a pretty fun little gig for the 5 hours or so we are there. Typically making and fulfilling the orders and interacting with all the people.

We have a great team and pride ourselves on being the top team in sales over the course of the fry season.

In addition to this I also bring out my rig and play music for all the people that stick around afterwards. Each and every time we do this it always takes on a different vibe, mostly dictated by the people that hang out. Some nights we are totally 50’s music (Doo Wop), and then other time it is Classic Rock and Roll, last night was mostly 60’s early 70’s music.

A good time was had by all and it is our way of giving something back.

A First For Us, and we were Honored to have been asked.

Last month we actually provided services at a Funeral.

A very dear friend of ours father had past away and he wanted to do something different. We have worked together over the last 15 years so I knew what he would expect and we were honored to have been asked to step in.

We have never done anything like this before, although in the early days of our business I was asked to do Karaoke at a wake. Weather ended up being the issue at that event so other arrangements were made and we did not actually do that event, but it always had me wondering what our roll could be in a situation like this and now was our time to find out.

The idea was simple, create a Celebration of a Life well lived and deliver it in a manner that touched the family and friends that would be in attendance. We helped put together the flow of events and music plus videos that reflected a Man, Husband, Dad, Grandfather, and friend to many.

There was no spiritual setting, no box, this isn’t what the family wanted. They wanted to honor someone they loved very much and that they will miss. I believe they accomplished this very well and it was an uplifting experience.

Chocolate Dreams 2014

We had the privalege of participating in a funraiser for GuardiaCare Services, Inc. that was a combiniation Auction and Chocolate-Fest!


Mark you calendars for this one next year as I am sure it will be just as amazing. In addition to all the Chocolate there was a variety of auction items, video presentations, a photo booth and music provided by Sound Entertainment.

New Years Eve

We were very fortunate to be asked to DJ a good friend of ours party at his restaurant. Mr. Lee, of Mr. Lee’s Ichiban has been a close friend for almost 13 years now and he wanted to do something different this year so he asked me to DJ the New Year in.

We had good food, good friends, Music, Champagne Toast, and a Balloon Drop! As well as some noise makers and glow sticks.

It was a huge success and we were honored to be a part of it.

Happy New Year Everyone, and if you like Sushi or Hibachi food, check out my good friend Sang Lee at Mr. Lee’s Ichiban.

Holiday Tour 2013

TMW Holiday Tour is complete. Time really goes by quickly this part of the year. I begins the last week of October when we meet in NYC and then head over to Jersey and put all the music together. A week of intense madness.

Then Nov. 1st the parties start (or whatever that 1st weekend officially is). 52 of them to be exact. Beginning on the East Coast and working our way West.

I got to fly a lot more than previous years. This changes quite a bit since I don’t have to haul and setup equipment. It also means working with a road crew and a huge set. I bring my tux and my music. It is as close to being a Rock Star that I have been. 5 Star Hotels, awesome food, and it’s my show.

I was able to fly to Minnesota, Omaha, and Birmingham this year and they were all great parties. Additionally we had OKC, and Indy as well as Memphis and Pensacola. It went by super fast.

Next years tour clock is already ticking, however with so many Corporate changes things may be drastically different in 2014. We shall see.

Busy Times

Well I have fallen behind in my updates again. I guess the good news is that we are busy. That being said we are spending a lot of time on the road and not at home.

Our yearly trip to NYC and NJ to complete the music for the Men’s Wearhouse Tour was a success. We added Video editing to the mix and it all turned out rather well. Personally I am disappointed in the music being put out but it is what it is. SPOILER: Look for next years music to have more of a Country Vibe mixed with Rock Rap and Hip Hop. Call me on it if I am wrong.

We did our second Mother Son dance in 25 years. Not that we don’t get calls for them, but they rarely work out the way the sponsoring group sees it going. 3rd grade – 8th grade Boys just don’t dance and seldom dance with their moms. That is unless you know what is going to happen in advance and plan for it, which of course we did. It was an awesome night.

Halloween got rained out but we still had some fun parties and time with our family. We had extended family in from Hawaii which made it even more fun.

School Fundraising Season

This is the time of year we are very busy with our local schools. The beginning of the school year also means schools are fundraising.

Sound Entertainment has been a huge part of area school fundraising efforts for the last 5 years. From Pep Rallies, to Field Days, Dances, and Walk-A-Thons, we have helped a number of schools make a lot of money to buy new books and equipment over the years and we are excited to do so again.

Daytime Mitzvah’s

We completed our first daytime Mitzvah this past Saturday (the 24th). While we have done them before they are usually outdoor events like a swim party or picnic theme.

This was at the Science Center, and I want to give a big Thank You to Olivia that was on staff there and helped us out all during the event. Well Done.

Being a daytime event there are may things you must over come. Daylight being the biggest issue because of the difference in mindset it creates. Nothing that isn’t easily overcome but it is there none the less. Everyone had a great time and we enjoyed it being an early event.

The biggest issue is that it throws you off for the rest of the day. It just seems the rest of the evening is off, like you forgot your phone somewhere or there is something you should be doing but you don’t know what. I kept checking to see what day it was. Funny stuff. Great time!

August 2013

Finishing up all our pool parties and switching to school mode. Back to school parties and fundraisers are ready to kick in. What a fun time of year.

PTA Parents, Sound Entertainment and @Ed Frank do Family Fun Nights that are fun and unique. Give us a call for your fundraising events or school dances.

July Is Pool Party Month

So we are winding down a month of pool parties. They have been good but we have had a ton of rain this season. School starts soon so we have a few more to do before we are out of this fun and sun routine.

Just DJ’d for a friend of mine in Greeneville Tennessee. It was a pretty big corporate event with a lot of different activities and hats to wear. It all ended up great and of course, I had a blast.